WeHostels App Design

Client: WeHostels [acquired by StudentUniverse]
Year: 2015
1 Android Developer
2 iOS Developers
1 UI/UX Designer
Role: UI/UX Designer
Responsabilities: Research, wireframing, testing writing/conducting, ux design, ui, assets delivery to dev team, interaction design.

WeHostels iPhone Thumb


WeHostels was a fast peaced startup acquired by StudentUniverse to recruit their mobile team, in order to create the StudentUniverse app. WeHostels main goal was to connect backpackers with other travelers in hostels, allowing them to book the places through the app and start conversations with other people staying in the same place. Its mantra was 'Travel is not about the place, it's about the people'.

[later it pivoted to a lodging booking app for hostels and hotels, because of the small social engagement]

New flight results

WeHostels App was featured in the Appstore, Android Store and ATT Store and it brought the attention of different specialized media, like techcrunch and tnooz.

During the existence of the company [it was shut down later to use the team's power to create the StudentUniverse App], and after it was decided to go as a mobile only product [the transactional website was transformed into an app downloads lading page], multiple versions of the app were created, for Android, iPhone and also an iPad App.

Role: As a sole designer inside the company, the responsibilities covered from creating the personas, UI, taking care of the UX, and make marketing graphics.

Approach: For the creation of Wehostels, the whole team moved out together for a month to an immersion in 'La Juanita finca verde', a farm in a small town named Guatavita in the center of Colombia, were after yoga sessions, awesome food and long hours of work, the first version of WeHostels app was created from scratch [I'll make a post about it soon].

In a fast paced environment, many times the research was replaced for building, shipping, learning, pivoting and building again. As a result of the fast iterations, a new version or update was launched almost every 2 weeks.

It was very hard to obtain social engagement inside the app, since the users were looking at the app more as tool to book cheap hostels instead of as a tool to start connecting with other travelers.

The creation of WeHostels brought a lot of learnings for a team that was facing a new exciting challenge for its members, where no one had previous experience working in mobile apps.

Disclaimer: This is the second version of WeHostels, I'll upload a post with the first app and website soon.

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