WeHostels iPad App

Client: WeHostels [acquired by StudentUniverse]
Year: 2014
2 iOS Developers
1 UI/UX Designer
Role: UI/UX Designer
Responsibilities: Research, testing writing/conducting, ux design, ui, assets deliver to dev team, interaction design, animation.


After analyzing how the backpackers were traveling and their booking preferences [they prefer to book from their mobile devices and they carry iPad instead of laptop] and already having in the market the WeHostels iPhone and Android apps it was time to offer a new touch point for the travelers to book their hostels.

To fulfill the needs of the people, an iPad app was created, offering the same functionality of the iPhone app, in an better experience.

The creation of the iPad app, was not about adapting the iPhone screens to an iPad, it implied a redesign of the user flow, were the users could get to the goal of booking their hostels in a shorter and frictionless way.

WeHostels iPad screens
WeHostels iPad app

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