Student Universe Branding

Client: StudentUniverse
Year: 2014
Role: Brand designer
Responsabilities: Create and deliver a new branding and a new branding manual setting up the language of the whole brand.


StudentUniverse had its logo designed in the 90's and the people [inside or outside the company] didn't know what it meant or felt identified in any way with it, thus the stakeholders decided to change it.

Old Studentuniverse logo
Old Studentuniverse logo
Some of the sketches made

For its branding creation there was an exploration phase with stakeholders and employees, in order to have a clear idea of the company. The main goal in this phase was to get as many concepts as possible attached to the brand.

After collecting all the necessary information related with the brand the next step was to start a visual exploration with rough sketches to find a solid concept to realize a deeper exploration.

The final result takes its inspiration from the crossroads that are frequently found in different places around the world, but not only taking its literally meaning, but also in live, every time a decision has to be made, and travel is one of the best advisors.

StudentUniverse logo represents freedom and choices, movement and travel. It signifies possibilities, beginning journeys and learning. It's the allure that the world holds more for you than you thought possible - and a way to get there.

New Studentuniverse logo
A serie of posters were also created and hanged around the office .

Limitations: Brand colors and font were already defined due to business decisions made before the rebranding.

Challenge: The biggest challenge was to convince the stakeholders to go with the chosen path, because each of them had in their mind before starting the project, their own idea on how the brand should have looked and the concept that they would like to follow.

Approach: The first approach was to try to convince them visually and with design arguments, why the chosen concept was the best decision, and then trying to remove as many people as possible from the design process since there was too many different voices, with their own ideas and comments, making the process being slow and preventing it from moving along with its normal flow.

A branding manual that not only set how the logo should look, but how the company voice should be set.

At the end of the process, when the final branding and its manual were presented, not only the stakeholders but the whole team was pleasantly surprised with their new branding, including their guidelines, the projected image and its customer facing language.

I failed at convincing the stakeholders of not using helvetica as the font to go with the branding but sadly I had to stick with it (business reasons I couldn't fight against to).

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