Student Universe App

Client: StudentUniverse [acquired by Flight Centre]
Year: 2017
1 Android Developer
2 iOS Developers
1 UI/UX Designer
Role: UI/UX Designer
Responsabilities: Research, testing writing/conducting, UX design, user flow design, UI, assets deliver to dev team, interaction design, animation.


Few years after StudentUniverse's first mobile app, we found out it was time to give it not only new pixels but also improve its flow and user experience.

Before starting the design process, it was important to collect and analyze all metrics along with running tests to find the pain points that were causing more friction to the users. After all the previous steps were done, the redesign and development plan was established and prioritized.

To begin with the redesign, the most popular travel apps were assessed to identify design patterns, breaking down the analysis on the different parts of the trip booking process [landing, search flow, calendar, results, details, hotels, payments, filters, waiting screens navigation, cool things].

Once the analysis phase was completed, the whole app flow was reviewed and redesigned to reduce friction, paying special attention to the paint points found during the research, and then new microinteractions were designed to improve the user experience.

User flow detail
User Flow detail with interactions
New flight results screen for logged out users

Some of the animations were made using After Effects [even though I'm not an expert, I've created a lot of cool things using it] and then exported to be used with Lottie.

During the process of designing the interactions, some animations were created [using Principle or After Effects] for the dev team and steakholders.

Challenge: The flexible search is one of the most challenging and confusing screens for users.
Approach: Remove the classic matrix [most of the users are not flexible but they like to compare different price points] and display the different itineraries as a combination of dates that can be easily selected and compared from the top of the screen.

A risk was taken with a solution that is not available in any current app, and despite of that, it performed really well during the usability testings.

New flexible results
Itinerary detail

Problem: The search, signup, traveler information, payment information and checkout flows required too many interactions from the user side in order to complete the tasks.
Solution: All the flows were simplified removing unnecessary steps [e.g. in the previous app the user needed to go back to the main screen in order to change every field in the form. Within the redesign, the user would get into a one simple flow that would end when everything is filled].

Some of the desired functionalities were not implemented due to a technical inconvenience in the API response time.
[e.g. As the users that filter their flight results have a better conversion rate, it was wanted to use the waiting screen to narrow and prefilter the results while they were being loaded. Different explorations were made but none of them was approved by the stakeholders]

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