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One of the things I like to do is playing soccer and also watching it. I used to be a big fan of Atlético Nacional [the local soccer team from the city where I was born] and I always tried to apply the things I was learning in side projects related to them.

So in 2009, I created a website named 'vamos mi', where I learned a lot about joomla, growth and social media. It was kind of popular its growing amazed me. Then I started working in an agency and I also needed to finish my university thesis and that website was needed too much time to keep it up. After a couple of years, I stopping updating it so I could work on my thesis, and I was contacted by one of the users of the platform, he made me an offer for the website and I accepted it.

Years later, probably around 2013, I created a new website called 'del'. Where as I already knew how time consuming it was to maintain a blog by myself, so I replaced a lot of the work of the past, with an automated wordpress blog, that only required a couple of clicks a day and some design work to move on social media to bring traffic to the real reason behind it: selling customized Atletico nacional theme t-shirts to the visitors [I created a brand with a friend where we made t-shirts for soccer fans].

Life moved me apart from these projects but I already have an idea for the v3 :)

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