Liberty Travel Dreaming App

Client: Liberty Travel
Year: 2017
Role: 1/1 UI/UX Designer
Responsabilities: Product definition, Research, UX, user flow design, UI guidelines definition and art direction to Marcela Sánchez.

Liberty Travel Dreaming App screen

Project overview

The Challenge:
Liberty Travel was in need of having touch points with their clients in different places such as 'islands' inside mall's halls and inside their stores, with tvs [vertical or landscape] as well as tablets where the users could play with them and generate leads.

Research: After the project and main goal definition, a big amount of data was collected [hours of travel consultants conversations with customers] in order to understand how the travel consultants received the leads and what was the most important information that needed to be collected.

The Approach:
The solution was to create the 'Liberty Dreaming App', a responsive web platform that could be loaded in any device, despite its orientation, where the users would be able to play with the dreaming app, by answering a serie of simple questions in an entertaining way, to find out later how they would be matched with their perfect destination [depending of their answers the path would be different, narrowing the potential destination matches for the users] and a fast way to connect with a travel expert who would create a customized package for the user, based on the answers provided by the dreaming app.

The dreaming app beta version is currently under testing [March 2018] in different places in he United States, and the leads generated using this platform, are converting at higher rates than leads generated through traditional channels.

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