Product Design: Habitat

Client: Side Project [Interrupted :( ]
Year: 2018
1 Developer
1 UX Designer
Role: UX Designer
Responsibilities: Problem definition, user research and mocking up.


Habitat was born as a side project after finding out how the building managers in Colombia struggled to do their work due to the lack of good tech tools created to cover all their needs.

After interviewing and doing card sorting exercises with multiple building managers not only the idea was validated but also their needs, fears and priorities were discovered, to complete the problem definition. [We also achieved the 3rd place in a startup weekend long ago]

With the information collected from the interveiews, a couple of personas grouped by thoughts instead of demographics were identified and different scenarios were created for the user journeys.

Having covered the research phase, the MVP was defined taking accountant of the most important problems that needed to be solved and some wireframes were made. [Sadly the project had to be interrupted because of reasons out of my control]

Habitat mockups
Habitat first mockups


Habitat Brand
Habitat Branding

The main goal for the habitat branding was to create a very simple and iconic logo, that would communicate by itself an idea of what 'Habitat' is about or related to, even without any text.

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