Bataclan: How FIFA made me a designer

As I said in some parts of my life FIFA played a huge role in my career decision.

Around 2003, when I was studying my major in Systems Engineer I used to play a lot of FIFA in different tournaments which gave me an idea of starting a clan with a friend from Spain who trained with me [I finished in 3rd place in a WCG national championship].

It was intriguing for me that in Colombia you'll find clans for every game but for FIFA so I decided to create the first FIFA colombian clan with my teammate.

He taught me some joomla and how to create graphics with Macromedia Fireworks. From there I started working on the website, the banners and images for our tournaments and enrollments.

Long story short, one day after I dropped my major in systems engineer, my brother [by the time he was working as a developer in an agency] saw in my computer some of the pieces I had done for the clan. He was skeptical and asked me to see the original file, and he told me that I would be good at graphic design [he was working with graphic designers as a developer]. He showed a few of my pieces to the design leader in his company, he liked them, I started working as a freelancer for them, and I got enrolled for a major in Graphic Design after my brother convinced me.

When I started studying design, I stopped playing FIFA and now I only play a couple of times in a year when I visit some of my friends.

Clan Bataclan Design Playing to be a designer
Clan Bataclan Design Playing to be a designer
Clan Bataclan Design Playing to be a designer

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