I like to create.

Whether solutions, brands, products, experiences, moments, etc. I always try to use my time to create things. [Removing the noise that keep me consuming instead of creating]

You can also check some of the things I've done

[Some of the things I like to do when I have time]

Some other things that I like

Play soccer
Take pictures
Travel the world
Walk while brusing my teeth
Visit cool cemeteries
Take cold showers
Take very hot showers
Be with my dog
Listen music
Ride my bycicle
Drive a car
Be at the beach
Get some drinks with my friends
Play Chess
Start side projects
Work while everyone is sleeping
Learn new things
Build things with my hands
Whool seaters
Good videos
Watch movies
Chai tea
Take cold showers
Take very hot showers

More stuff?

For more some other things I've done.

Who am I?

It's easier to answer this if you just check some parts of my life

Do we share any hobbie?