I'm Ricardo,

a multidisciplinary UX designer, with a major in graphic design, startup background and part of 2 acquisitions as a sole UI/UX designer.

I love to create products, imagining interactions, or covering the different phases of the UX design.

If you prefer it, you can download my resume here.

Some parts of my life

[Currently in: Boston]

UX designer at Flight Centre

Company: Flight Centre [One of the world's largest travel agency groups]
Role: UI/UX Designer of multiple projects for brands inside the group like Liberty Travel, StudentUniverse, and a couple more.

[Moved to Boston to be part of the digital experts team of Flight Centre]
[2016] Icon acquisition

StudentUniverse is acquired by Flight Centre


UI/UX designer at StudentUniverse

Company: StudentUniverse [World’s leading travel booking service for students and youth]
Role: Design of their Android and iOS apps, redesign of their entire brand and help with different design internal and external pieces.

Icon acquisition

WeHostels is acquired by StudentUniverse

[2013] [Moved to New York City]

UX designer at WeHostels

Company: WeHostels [Startup]
Role: From marketing assets creation to complete design of our Android and iOS apps for iPhone and iPad.


UI designer at Brainz

Company: Brainz [The most recognized agency in the Colombian Videogame Industry]
Role: Interface creation of different videogames for Facebook and iOS.


Failed Entrepreneur at Blink

I left Yoga Digital to work 100% of my time in a great product built to give Colombian hospitals an easier way to charge the FOSYGA [State entity in charge of pay hospitals for their services]


Visual designer at Yoga Digital

Company: Yoga Digital [Agency]
Role: Web, multimedia and print designer for different accounts.

Clients: Intell, Dell, ETB [Public telecommunication company of Bogota], UNE [Public telecommunication company of Medellin].

[2009] [Finished my studies as Graphic Designer]
[During my thesis creation my director Diego Sanchez -thank you profe!- introduced me to a new term that changed my life: Usability] [2008]

Editorial designer at Editar

Company: Editar [Books publisher]
Role: Editorial designer for many educational and religious books.


Freelance UI and multimedia designer at Gaming Culture

Company: Gaming Culture [Digital Agency]
Role: Creation of different websites and multimedia interactives for their clients.

Clients: Intel, ETB [Public telecommunication city of Bogota]

[2005] [Started studying Graphic Design] [2004] [After seeing some poster and the website I've created for the clan, my brother suggested me that I should study graphic design] [2003] [After 4 semesters studying I quit Systems Engineer -I loved the coding but maths and physics are not my thing-] [2002] [Started studying Systems Engineer] [2001] [Founded a 'FIFA clan' and learned Macromedia Fireworks and Dreamweaver to create the website and different posters]
[Started playing FIFA in a competitive way] [1985] [Born in Envigado, Colombia]

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